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Bluetooth Version Finder is a convenient and lightweight tool that allows you to easily identify the version of your Bluetooth device. This is particularly useful for users with older computer systems that do not have built-in Bluetooth version display capabilities.

Developed by Sordum, known for their popular software solutions such as Mouse Settings Changer and DNS Jumper, Bluetooth Version Finder is a free utility that quickly determines the specific Bluetooth version of the device connected to your PC.

With Bluetooth Version Finder, you no longer need to navigate through the Device Manager or perform multiple steps to identify the Bluetooth version. Simply run the program and it will automatically retrieve the necessary information for you. It is important to ensure that the Bluetooth device you want to identify is turned on during the operation.

In addition to displaying the Bluetooth version, this software solution also provides detailed specifications related to the firmware of the device. It can even explain why certain features or options may not be accessible on your device. For example, it can inform you that older computer systems are not compatible with certain Bluetooth features like Nearby Share.

Bluetooth Version Finder is especially valuable for owners of older computer systems who are unable to view the details of their connected Bluetooth devices. It saves time and effort by providing the necessary information with just one click.

Discover more about your Bluetooth device with Bluetooth Version Finder. Whether you have an older computer system or simply want a convenient alternative to accessing Bluetooth specifications, this tool is a useful addition to your software collection.

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